SportsEngine Registration: Laramie Amateur Hockey Club

2022-2023 Player Movement Form


The Laramie Amateur Hockey Club's Player Movement policy is included below.

Returning players can use their existing Sport Ngin account to proceed with this application; new players need to create a user account with Sport Ngin to proceed with the application.

It is the policy of the LAHC Board that each registered player will play in his/her age group as set forth by USA Hockey rules. However, in some cases playing and/or practicing at a level above a player’s age-appropriate group (Advanced Participation) may be more beneficial to the player’s development than remaining in their own age group. Therefore, the Board provides Advanced Participation Opportunities as outlined below:

Advanced Participation Opportunities for 10U and above:

PRACTICE-UP: The player is allowed to practice with the next age-level up, but their priority lies with their age-level team. When time conflicts arise, the player would participate in age-level activities. For example, a Squirt (10U) approved to Practice-Up would practice with his/her team, and with the PeeWee (12U) team.  The player would play only 10U games (i.e., would not play any games with the 12U team).

PLAY-UP:  Player is allowed to register with the next age classification and practices and plays all games with this team. The player does not play or practice with their age-related group.  Example: a Squirt (10U) approved to Play-Up to the PeeWee (12U) level would register with the PeeWees (12U) and then only practce and play games with the 12U team.

DUAL-ROSTERING: The player is allowed to practice and play with both their age-level and next age-level up teams. The player’s priority lies with the age-appropriate team, so if conflicts for practice or play exist, the player would participate in age-level activities. For example, a Squirt (10U) approved for dual rostering would practice with the 10U team, and with the 12U team. The player would play all 10U games, but where the schedule allows, the player would also play in the 12U games.

Female players are encouraged to participate on all teams where they meet the USA Hockey age requirements. In order to be approved to play on multiple teams, a Player Movement request must be submitted in which a request is made indicating (a) that they would prefer to practice and/or play on both their age-level coed team and the 19U girls team, and if so (b) which are their primary and secondary teams.

Female players at the 10U and 12U age levels who wish to practice and/or play on both their age-level coed team and the 19U girls team should register with their age-level teams first, and then submit a Player Movement request for approval to be dual-rostered with the Girls 19U team.

Female players at the 14U and 19U age levels who wish to practice and/or play on both the 19U girls team, and their age-level coed team should register with the 19U girls team first, and then submit a Player Movement request for approval to be dual-rostered with their age-level coed team.

The Player Movement policy allows female players to identify which team they would prefer to be their primary team, with approval required by affected coaches and the LAHC board.

Goaltenders shall be permitted to be rostered on more than one team within  the  same  USA  Hockey  age  classification  to  ensure  each  team  has  a  back-up  goaltender.  Goaltenders may only “Play-Up” to the next age group classification.  Goaltenders may not “Play-Down” to the next USA Hockey age classification.

Advanced Participation Opportunities for 8U:

The LAHC Board differentiates between 8U and other age groups with regard to Advanced Participation for reasons detailed in the Advanced Participation Policy (link below). For players at the 8U level, Play-Up is the only available option. However, when it does not interfere with the player’s obligations to his/her 10U team, the player should be encouraged to participate in 8U tournaments with their 8U team in order to maintain cohesion with others in their age group.

Advanced Participation Request Procedure:

To request Advanced Participation, complete and submit the request form by October 15.

LAHC Board will review the request considering skill level of the participant, and the number of participants in the age-appropriate team as well as in the next age grouping. Requests for Advanced Participation of two or more levels will not be considered.

LAHC Board will consult the coaches of both teams. During review, players should continue to practice with their age-specific team. However, the Coaches' Representative may request that a player attend a practice with the next age group for evaluation purposes.

LAHC Board will then make a final determination to allow or deny the Advanced Participation Request.

Advanced Participation decisions are valid for a single season only, but can be revoked if it becomes clear that Advanced Participation is detrimental to the player or his/her teammates.

For questions contact:
Scott Miller • LAHC Coaches' Rep